FIO Cookhouse & Bar

I have always been a fan of Fio’s open seating area and chose the same from this visit as well. With an elegant décor and a serious focus on the luxury dining experience, this place has really set standards pretty high for the competition.

The ambience is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever been to with a large hall segmented with different seating areas and the place actually gives you a feel of stepping inside a 5 star hotel lobby. With properly planned out seating, the restaurant open an open and airy ambience for the patrons.

The food when given a thought might seem like something pretty old school, but let me assure you that you will definitely not be disappointed because every dish here is prepared with a very serious focus on the quality of ingredients used, balance of flavors, the presentation and finally the quantity (something that is an issue with luxury dining places).

Anyways, being part of big group I was happily able to try out many of their amazing dishes suggested by their very well trained staff. My favorites here have to be –



  • Dahi Tikki Buns and Fish Tikka Buns



  • Mushroom Cheese Pepperoncino Bruschetta



  • Cookhouse Salad



  • Pepper Garlic Chicken Wings




  • Linguini, Wild Mushroom, Chilli Lime and Garlic Sauce Pasta



  • Cookhouse Mezze Platter



  • River Sole in a Bag



  • Baked Feta in a Bag



  • Mutton Curry Platter




  • Spritzer



  • Apple Sangria




  • Cuppa Crème Chocolate



  • Banoffee Waffle Galette



Finally, I would happily rate this place a perfect rating of 5/5 for the amazing overall experience throughout the food, drinks, service, ambience and our happy faces post the meal.



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  1. Ritika Bhattacharya says:

    Definitely trying this one out for the next!!

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