PitStop Brewpub

Yet another super hit project by ‘Smaaash’, Pitstop Brewpub is probably one of the best places to enjoy the pairing of amazing food and great music. The ‘Go Karting’ area on the top definitely proves to be a ‘cherry’ here and adds extra points to this place because no other place can actually provide this combination possibly anywhere else.

The place is literally huge with a really big parking area to accommodate considerate number of cars. If you go a little far from the building you’ll notice that it’s actually made in a shape of a huge truck where the rear container section that carries both levels of this place. Where the upper level with Sky Karting serves as a perfect destination for the adrenaline junkies, the lower level serves the perfect fusion of food, drinks, ambience and service.

Pitstop Brewpub serves multi-cuisine food options to suit everyone’s taste buds, paired along with some amazing cocktails & brewed drinks. Though all the menu options are worth trying, but their quick/bar snacks are literally worth putting your money on. Luckily I was part of a big group and got chance to try many dishes from the menu and my highly recommended one (or literally all) are –



  • Pitstop Caesar Salad



  • Crispy Onion Rings



  • Tempura Stuffed Mushroom with Thyme & Basil



  • Lemony Beer & Basil Fish Tikka



  • Cheese Sliders



  • Chicken Wings





  • Yasai Ramen



  • Khow Suey



  • Crispy Chop Chop Rice




  • Red Velvet Cheesecake



  • Gooey Chocolate Brownie



  • Pitstop Rush Sunday



Finally, I would very happily rate this amazing place a perfect 5/5 for the amazing overall experience throughout food, drinks, ambience, music, service, go karting and every possible thing. In the end, our whole group was really high on this place and left with very happy faces. Already been here couple of times and won’t even think twice for next plan as well.


“Pitstop Brewpub”

Address: Oysters Beach, Sector-29, Gurugram (Haryana)

Contact: +91-011-30806297

Timings: 12:00hrs – 23:30hrs


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