Punjabi Food Festival @ Park Plaza Noida

Following the recent trend of hosting regional food festivals, New Town Café in Hotel Park Plaza is currently hosting Punjabi Food Festival and on offer are the super amazing delicacies from the rich & vibrant state. The restaurant indeed has done a really good job with this event, as not just the food but also the whole ambience has been converted into a Mini Punjab.

Personally a huge fan of such food festivals, I somehow learnt about this a few days back only and went to try the delicacies right away. As these festivals usually don’t run for many days, I encourage the readers to go and try it ASAP.

Following was my amazing gastronomic journey here –


Paalak Patta Chaat – One of my favorite chaats was on the menu and I couldn’t stop myself from trying it. Best part was that it was prepared right in front of you on a live counter and you have an option to customize it according to your preference.



Gol Gappe – All time favorite gol-gappe are everyone’s favorite and I couldn’t stop myself from trying these with two-types of spicy and sweet tangy water.



Chana Kulche – One of the lightest starters or even considered mains at times, chana khulche had the perfect balance of taste & flavors.



Paneer Tikka – No starters are complete without this mandatory item on the offer. These were further tossed in spicy Punjabi masalas to give them even bolder taste.



Chicken Tangri – My preferred non-veg starter was definitely the chicken tangri with really juicy and succulent meat cooked to perfection. Remaining temptation comes from the aroma of the Punjabi spices it was marinated in.




Chicken Biryani – Already with very less appetite left, I could only try few items from it and the biryani was a definite. Nicely cooked in strong spices, it had a proper and balanced mix of all the ingredients used.



Saag – How can a Punjabi Food Festival not have ‘Saag’ in it? I was already prepared to try this and didn’t waste any time further. With a really creamy texture, the spinach based Punjabi favorite was cooked to perfection.




Fruit Rabdi – A variation to the basic North-Indian dessert, the rabri had various fruits in it like apples, bananas and pomegranate. Though I didn’t like this version of rabri but many of my colleagues were really happy with it and so I would definitely recommend it.



Balu Shahi – This dessert might not be very famous like others but is always a favourite for the ones who have tried it. My personal favourite dessert was prepared perfectly and was soft & warm.



Gajar Ka Halwa – If it is a Punjab focused food fest, then ‘gajar ka halwa’ is a must in the desserts. Prepared to perfection it had ample usage of dry fruits and rich cream to further compliment its taste & flavors.



Finally, I would encourage my readers to visit this food festival for the amount of hard work this place has put in each aspect ranging from the ambience, dress code to food & drinks. Secondly, it’s actually a delight for the Noida city patrons who don’t really enjoy enough diverse options as available in Delhi.


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Park Plaza Hotel, Noida

Restaurant Timing – 7AM-12AM

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