Kashmiri Food Festival @ KAMA – Radisson Blu

Located on the ground level of the Radisson Blu Hotel (Kaushambi) right next to the main entrance, “Kama” has a very unique concept of hosting several food festivals throughout the year to celebrate the regional delicacies of India. Usually each festival run for about a month and this place leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the best of the experience is served in this restaurant, which includes flying down the local chefs & ingredients to live regional music and transforming the whole ambience into that specific theme for the whole festival duration.

Enough been said, I’m always constantly looking for information on the ongoing and upcoming food festivals at the Kama. Lucky enough I learnt that they are currently hosting “KASHMIRI FOOD FESTIVAL” and I couldn’t stop myself from trying one of my favorite cuisines.

After making necessary reservations, one fine Sunday my friends and me arrived here to try their chef’s specially curated ‘Wazwan Menu’, which is a multi-course meat-based meal and is treated with great respect in the Kashmiri Muslim Tradition.



Kahwah – Our gastronomic journey started with the Kashmir Valley’s favorite warm ‘Kahwah’ as our welcome drink, which is basically a variety of fragrant green tea.







Chicken Kanti – Kanti is the Kashmiri version of the tikka, made with fillets of chicken. The boneless chicken pieces are marinated with range of spices and are shallow fried. These kababs are then served as a dish, rather than on a skewer. Kanti Kababs are also one of the most common street foods of Kashmir.

Pan Fried Fish – Undoubtedly one of the best starters during our meal was the crispy fried fish. Marinated with regional spices, each bite of this crunchy treat was a burst of flavors in the mouth.

Lamb Seekh Kebab – This was basically minced lamb rolled over a ‘seekh’ and then slow barbequed over coal. The result was a very juicy and tender kebab that melts in your mouth right away.





Wazah Murg – A chicken based gravy dish with properly cooked meat in masala gravy. A really good dish to enjoy along with naan breads.

Marchwangan Korma – The dish actually derives its name from the amount of spices used in it and itself is an extremely spicy lamb dish. In simple words a perfect option for the spicy food lovers.

Gushtaba – a velvety textured meatball in white yogurt gravy was somewhat bland in taste but rich in flavours on the contrary.

Paneer Methi Chaman – Fenugreek based preparation with really strong spices that directly hit your throat. Further, it was very cleverly dealt with by the addition of cottage cheese chunks that kept the dish balanced.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo – No meal is complete without this dish, which serves as a perfect side option with every Kashmiri meal. Smooth and flavour rich gravy based potato dish might seem simple but it definitely lifts up the whole traditional meal game altogether.

Meat Pulao – Or just as known everywhere, Mutton Biryani. Though little light in spices and different from the options we get elsewhere, this biryani was still a very good option to go along with the various gravies on the table.





Firum/Phirni – This Kashmiri dessert is actually a favorite in several regions now and serves a perfect conclusion to the meal. It’s basically a milk pudding thickened with semolina, flavored with cardamom and saffron. It’s actually a must try for every reader after that drool-worthy description of it.

Shufta – Though I tried this dessert for the first time, but instantly became a fan of it right with the first bite. Kashmiri Shufta is a traditional Kashmiri dessert that is nothing but a mixture of various dry fruits and spices coated with sugar syrup. Although the recipe looks very simple, it tastes awesome. Dry fruits are first soaked in water for sometime and then mixed with ghee, various spice powders and sugar.


Finally, I would encourage all my readers to visit the ‘Kama’ restaurant soon because the management has not really shared any tentative date but these food festivals usually run for short spans and one shouldn’t actually miss on such wonderful opportunities to try various cuisines at the comfort of dining in their home towns.


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KAMA Restaurant

Location – Radisson Blu Hotel (Kaushambi, Ghaziabad)

Cost for two – 2K-2.5K for two people

Restaurant Timings – 19:00 hrs – 23:30 hrs


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