Masala Library – A gem in the Delhi’s F&B Industry

Located at one of the most favorable locations in Central Delhi, Masala Library has certainly added a really high reputation to keep up for others in the vicinity of Janpath or simply the whole city. Serving ‘Modern Indian’ cuisine with every dish served in a unique beautiful way, the food here definitely wins your heart over with impeccable taste, flavors and presentation.

As soon you enter the restaurant you are warmly greeted by the staff and then the beautiful huge chandelier right in the middle while you are directed towards your table. The interiors are simple yet elegant with light tone colors used across the place to give a plush feel to it’s clients. The layout has been carefully laid out with open & systemic placement of tables with limited seating, which also means that a reservation here is always mandatory as the restaurant is usually filled up even on normal weekday lunches.

Moving on, the food served here is Modern Indian cuisine in terms of innovative presentation, ingredients used, flavors retained and the authenticity of original dish maintained. Honestly after all the hype and lots of recommendations, I had done my homework before going here and was really excited to try the dishes my friends had been sharing since their visits. As I was joined with one more friend, we decided to try chef’s veg and non-veg both tasting menus for the fact that various dishes were to be served in them. Although all the dishes served amazing but I’ll mention my favorite ones in this review –



Presented in the form of a bird’s nest, the ceramic egg shaped small bowls were placed inside a nest made with wooden sticks. The eggs were then filled with cold coconut water and mango pulp to complete their presentation. To be gulped down in a single go, this amuse bouche was a perfect start to our meal and proved great in stimulating the appetite.




  • Maddur Vada with Rasam



  • Deconstruction of Samosa



  • Mango Pirada & Cheese Poe



  • Charcoal Bhajia



  • Nadru Crisp on Mooli Akhrot ki Chutney



  • Farmer’s Staple




  • Chuski




  • Seasonal Saag with Gatte



  • Curry Bread



  • Choorma with Crispy Okra



  • Dal Fry with Pakoras




  • Jalebi Caviar



  • Ashen Kulfi



  • Chocolate Mousse



Finally I would very convincingly rate this place a perfect rating of 5/5 for the amazing dishes with great flavors & presentation, maintaining dish authenticity, great staff service, beautiful ambience and astonishing overall experience.



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