Factory by Sutra

Located in the hustle bustle of the hottest spot of Gurgaon – Sector-29, Factory by Sutra has been one of the most successful ventures of this area. With a new restaurant coming up every almost every month in the vicinity, this place hasn’t lost its charm amongst the people and can still be found with really busy evenings even on weekdays. This multi-cuisine restaurant probably serves the best North Indian / Mughlai cuisine in the whole market. With innovation and retention of the original flavors, the food here hardly disappoints you. With ample number of options available, the restaurant easily caters to the different demographics of patrons.

The ambience has a certain rustic & factory themed interiors which one might find little dark even during the day but that retains the overall feel of this place and anyways as the name suggests you would already know where you are stepping in. The detailing of each and element has been taken care with utmost care and the interiors show the hard work that management has put in.

Moving on this is based on the growing concept of work cum dine and like many other places in Gurgaon it brews its own variety of beers. Ask for beer samples to choose the best one that suits your taste buds. My favorite here has to be the ‘dark beer’ and as it had amazing flavors & taste, I couldn’t even switch to another.

The food looks delicious even on the menu and I couldn’t resist from trying many items from it. The best one I would strongly recommend here are –



  • Delhi 6 Stuffed Golgappas



  • Kurkuri Bhindi Nachos



  • Nawabi Roasted Chicken & Chicken Reshmi Seekh



  • Crispy Calamari




  • Soya Keema Pita Bao



  • Butter Chicken Khichri & Kadhai Chicken



  • Mutton Biryani



  • Pan Seared Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce




  • Chocolate Lava Cake



Finally I would happily rate this place a really good rating of 4.5/5 for the amazing food journey with superb taste & flavors, diverse options, great interiors, quick staff service and finally pocket friendly prices. Would highly recommend to go and try this place for yourself.



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