Devang House – Food for your Soul

Devang House is an organic/health focused restaurant situated on the lower ground level of Ashok Hotel (Chankyapuri, Delhi) right next to the gym. Though little confusing to locate, the hotel staff is always eager to help and will guide you to the Amatrra Spa that further leads to Devang House.


The work culture we follow nowadays usually involves eating outside, mostly junk food that in turn affects our health and mainly digestive system. With the scarcity of health-focused restaurants, this one came in as a perfect delight for people like me. With food prepared only from the in-house grown organic produces, this place ensures that no harmful chemicals or substances in whatsoever form are used in preparing your meal. Of course the calm and serene ambience of this quaint little restaurant matches with the food on their menu with the chants and meditative music in the background. Further, the staff greets you warmly as soon you step in and ensures you have a pleasant experience throughout your meal.



Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Khichdi – Basically a similar version of risotto was the perfect start to our meal at this organic haven. A rich creamy, flavorful and colorful dish had the freshest of ingredients in preparing it and was really light on the stomach as well.



Green Lentil (Moong Dal) Chilla – A North Indian favorite of many kind of disappointed me with the level thickness, as it was very thin and way too light for a main course dish. Anyways I had no complaints apart from this at all with the nicely prepared chillas topped with onion & tomatoes. Served with chutney on the side, must try it if you are low on appetite.



Coconut Stew & Appam – The South Indian delicacy couldn’t get any better with really nicely prepared flavorful & thick ‘coconut stew’ with a perfect ‘appam’ made from fermented rice and fresh coconut milk. Further, the gunpowder sprinkled atop the appam added slight zing and spiciness to each bite. A must have!



Mushroom & Leek Bruschetta – Personally a fan of Italian cuisine, the bruschetta was one of my definite choices and the one served here certainly stood up to the expectations. Basically mushrooms and leek are mixed with salt & pepper infused rich creamy sauce and topped over brown bruschetta bread.



Sprout & Pomegranate Salad – A very light variety of the classic sprout salad, here paired with pomegranate was yet another delight to the already very impressive meal. Each bite makes you realize how fresh the ingredients used in it are and though I was already stuffed with the food, I couldn’t help but finished a major portion of this as well.



Stone Oven Pizza – Stone oven baked thin crust pizza is something that shouldn’t be missed here. An in-house specialty and chef’s own recommendation was indeed more than I expected. I opted for the Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato pizza and the flavors & taste were fantastic. Topped with decent amount of cheese and other exotic vegetables, this pizza literally transports you to a different world.



Hazelnut Brownie – One never has to worry much about the desserts when there is ‘Chocolate Brownie’ on the menu. Though little surprised with inclusion of it on the menu of a healthy foods restaurant, I rather focused on the other benefits of it. Though I prefer slightly moist brownies but the one served here was well balanced moist and had sweetness levels in check, hence worked perfectly fine for me. Decide for yourself if it’s healthy or not, for me this walnut topped brownie was love.




Pineapple & Mint Juice – Served in a huge tube shaped glass, the mint infused pineapple juice was a perfect drink to accompany with the amazing food. The on-order squeezed juice was so fresh that you can actually smell the fragrance of the rich ingredients in it.



Iced Turmeric Latte – The classic Italian iced coffee was given the Indian touch with inclusion of turmeric in it. Further, the addition of turmeric does not only gives the texture and flavor to the coffee but as known by many it also provides many medicinal benefits.



Finally I would happily rate this amazing restaurant a really good rating of 4.5/ 5 for the taste & flavors of food, great staff service, amazingly calm ambience, ease of location and finally the efforts management has put in this place.



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