China Garden

China Garden is located on the ground level of the Marina Arcade in the connecting lane of the Connaught Place area. A branch of the Mumbai original that has been revolutionizing Chinese cuisine since decades does stand up to its legacy. Spread across two floors, we opted for the ground level of the moderate yet elegant looking restaurant. As soon you step inside this calm place, you are warmly greeted by the courteous staff at the front desk and then impeccably serviced throughout the meal. With such high service standards, the food doesn’t disappoint you either and the authenticity of Chinese cuisine with the desi Indian acceptance is maintained throughout the multiple options available in the menu.



Santung Prawns – Basically a salt & pepper version of batter fried juicy prawns. A really light dish with bang on target flavors; which also proved as a very good starter for the amazing meal yet to come. Topped with red chilly and chopped spring onions, the presentation was simple yet beautiful.



Smoked Chilly Chicken – Batter fried dry pepper chicken chunks are tossed along dry red chilies and smoked to properly infuse the latter’s flavor in chicken. The chicken itself is not spicy but the flavor of smoked chilies gave it an amazing flavor and aroma.



Dimsum Fish with Black Bean Sauce – Not really a dimsum, it’s actually a fish steamed to perfection along with spices and black beans. The extra addition of chilly oil added up to the incredible flavors of the amazingly soft & tender melt in your mouth fish. Served beautifully inside a bamboo box with black bean sauce on the side, this is a highly recommended dish!



Gin Chicken – Gin stuffed and batter fried crispy chicken balls was a perfect addition to our already amazing meal. The crispy on the outside and tender & succulent from the inside, the best way to eat these are to cut them open and pour the coriander sauce served along over it for that heavenly bite each time.




Soya and Wine Chilly Fish – This was a Basa fish cooked in soya sauce and wine with a slightly crispy outer layer with really tender and succulent inside. This one was packed with amazing flavors that literally burst out with every single bite and very likely one would end up ordering this again like we did. A must have here!



Kung Pao Potatoes with Okra – Potato and ladyfinger sautéed in hot spices is a delight for vegetarians. Personally not a big fan of vegetarian dishes, this was suggested by the staff and I must say I was really impressed with the balance of spices and the combination of potato with okra.



Fortune Rice with Black Mushrooms – Fluffy steamed rice prepared with mushrooms and in-house secret spices was a perfect companion to the dishes. The grains and the mushrooms were cooked nicely and perfectly flavored.



Hakka Noodles – Amongst other options we preferred ordering the veg version of Hakka Noodles, which were stir fried with variety of shredded vegetables and sauces. With a perfect balance of spices, this is a great alternative to the mushroom rice and noodle lovers else wise.




Caramel Custard – This dessert marked the perfect end to our amazing meal here. With sweetness levels in check, the freshly prepared caramel custard was a light and healthy option amongst others. As we were already stuffed with the amazing meal, this was anyways the only option we could have tried.



Finally I would highly rate this place a 4.5/5 for the amazing and authentic flavored dishes, taste, ambience, courteous and pro-active staff service.

Visit Again? – Definitely!!





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