Dishoom Cafe – Knocking Others Out!

Dishoom Café is located in the main Satyaniketan market in South Delhi. This place was recently opened about a couple of months back and has already proved itself a gem among very tough competitors here. With a really catchy name, the place itself is designed as a fighting ring arena with interiors alike and a spacious setup in a comparatively small space. I have always been a fan of food served around university localities and was equally excited to try this place located in the vicinity of south campus of Delhi University.


Below is my amazing food journey at this fantastic restaurant.



Phantom Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese (paneer) croquettes had generous amount of amazingly flavored filling with a really crispy outer crust. Served in small shot glasses and topped with seasoned melting cheese and sweet & sour dip, this is a must to try here. My group of friends was so fond of it that we ended up ordering this thrice.



Drums of Heaven – Or as I would term it – ‘Heavenly Chicken Drumsticks’. It’s basically one of many methods of preparing chicken lollipops in Indo-Chinese cuisine. The batter-coated chicken was fried to perfection with an amazing spicy coating of variety of sauces. I simply loved the whole preparation, the amazing taste and the simple yet beautiful presentation of it. A must have!



Makhmali Chicken Satay – Amazingly marinated chicken skewers was another delight to our meal with perfect balanced combination of taste, presentation and preparation. Topped with dripping overloaded cheese, pomegranate for extra crunch and side salad, this is a dish that shouldn’t be missed.



Chicken Sausage Pizza – ‘Overloaded’ is the perfect description of this pizza. With minimum toppings in overloaded quantity, this pizza is a must to try. Topped with generous amount of chicken sausages, onions and cherry tomatoes, the every bite is as filling as nothing less. A must try yet again!



Dishoom Special Spaghetti Agli Olio – Though the ‘Spaghetti Agli Olio’ is supposed to be a sauce-less light preparation but this one had the ‘Desi’ touch by tossing spaghetti in strong spices and vegetables like peppers, olives and tomato; hence in house special. Though the original one is basic and pretty mainstream, the Dishoom version of it is definitely nice and more suited to Indian taste buds. Served with two garlic breads, yet again a must have dish!



Baked Nachos – These weren’t just ‘baked’, instead overloaded and baked cheese nachos. Served in a huge quantity, the chef ensured the cheese is incorporated in every layer of the nachos pile, which made it really cheesy. Topped with generous amount of cream and salsa, this should not be missed and yet again I would highly recommend.



Butter Chicken Pasta – No place matches the innovation of a university restaurant when playing with ingredients and flavors. Imagine a fusion of everyone’s all time favorite ‘Butter Chicken’ with ‘Penne Pasta’. I my words the fusion was just perfect with an amazingly flavored butter chicken gravy, chicken chunks cooked to perfection and nicely prepared pasta, all sautéed together to prepare this must have dish. Served with two garlic breads on side, this is a must!



Fish and Chips – A British favorite staple food is definitely my favorite too with beautifully batter fried fish and potato finger chips on sides. The fish batter was perfectly flavored with great spices and cooked until golden crisp. Beautifully presented with tartar sauce to go along with, this was definitely a delight.



Butter Chicken with Malabar Parantha – Apparently this place prepares amazing butter chicken gravy with generous use of cream & butter with flavorful spices. The succulent chicken was again cooked to perfection and served with Malabar Parantha and green chutney on the side. An hearty Indian favorite was perfect in every sense.




Brownie Shake – A really thick shake with chocolate brownie chunks in every sip was a great drink to perfectly go along with the food. Topped with generous amount of cream and chocolate brownie, this might be a reason for you to thank me later.



Green Apple – A really refreshing green apple flavored drink was another delight. With perfect balance of sweetness levels and nice fizz, the drink was amazing in every sense.



Red Velvet Shake – Yet another delight to our meal was the beautiful looking red velvet shake. With perfect sweetness levels, thick base and beautiful presentation with cream and red velvet cake crumbs on top, this tasted as amazing as it looked.




Cookie Dough – Freshly baked chocolate chip cookie topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a waffle stick. The perfect fusion of warm cookie and cold ice cream was heavenly and the extra layering of chocolate syrup on top gave this dessert even more chocolate flavor. A perfect delight in every bite, this shouldn’t be missed here.



Magic in a Jar – A jar with everything you love in it. Chocolate brownie, red velvet cake, fruit bites, lots of whipped cream and topped with a huge top of vanilla ice cream with a cherry. The fusion of all these was heavenly yet again and all the ingredients went perfectly with each other. A must have!



Finally I wouldn’t even think twice to rate this place the highest rating of 5/5, for amazing food, varieties, innovation, taste, staff service, cost and possibly everything. Though the space seemed like a downside, but was well compensated by the beautiful setup of interiors, humble restaurant team and the whole experience we had here. A true gem!



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  1. Ritika Bhattacharya says:

    Looks divinely mouth watering! 😍

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