“The Potbelly”

The Potbelly Café Chanakyapuri is the second branch of the already very famous Potbelly Rooftop Café in Shahpur Jat. Located on the ground level of Bihar Niwas, this restaurant is way more spacious than the previous one. Serving same bihari cuisine, the food here is simple and authentic.



Pakora Basket – Mix vegetables like potatoes, sabudana, onion and aubergine are fried until crisp and served with coriander chutney on the side. Though this wasn’t a much creative preparation but still the simple and authentic flavors make this a must have.



Baggia Basket – This was similar to stuffed pakoras but had pockets of rice flour stuffed with spiced up chana dal. Further tossed in different spices and served with tomato coriander chutney makes this a very innovative dish.



Parontha Basket – Paranthas stuffed with sattu, peas and onion was a delight and the mix of all stuffed ingredients worked really well together. Served with pickle and raita on the sides, this dish is not to be missed.



Phataka French Fries – These were basically French fries tossed along onion, capsicum, spicy masala and cheese. Very similar to chilly potatoes, these were served with two chutneys to perfectly go along with it.



Fish Chokha on Marua Roti – An amazing concoction of fish paste with raw onions and fresh coriander served over crispy buckwheat pooris is a must to try here. Served with chopped tomatoes and coriander chutney on the side, this is a perfect blend of many ingredients to prepare you an amazing dish. A must try!



Meat Pakora Basket – Chicken and mutton both separately minced and fried till golden crisp was another perfect dish. Perfectly spiced & flavored and served with mint chutney, this is definitely not to be missed.



Litti Chokha – A must try dish of Bihari cuisine ‘Litti Chokha’ was already in mind since the start of the meal. It is basically a mix of spices and sattu (gram flour) stuffed wheat balls with potato mash and channa dal on the sides. The perfect way to eat this dish is to crush the wheat balls and mix everything together and then eat the whole fusion together.

A similar separate dish “Litti Chicken” was also ordered, which was basically a replacement of only dal on the platter with spicy khada masala chicken. Make sure to have a good appetite before ordering this dish because it’s really heavy on your stomach.



Maithili Thali – Perfectly spiced creamy gravy with paneer and mushroom was served with crisp spinach pooris. Sides like pickle, chutney and aloo raita complimented and completed this perfect dish.



Khada Masala Mutton – Really tender and succulent mutton chunks are prepared in spicy gravy flavored with amazing khada masalas. Served with rice and boondi raita, this dish is as perfect as it could get.




Mirchi Masala Lemonade – Though I always prefer Aam Panna here, but due to unavailability of it my second preference was the Spiced Lemonade that definitely is worth trying here. The perfect balance of spices makes this lemonade a must have.



Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea – This has always been one of my favorite drinks and the one served here was nothing less than perfect. With nice amalgamation of perfect sweetness and flavors, this drink again is worth trying.



Salty and Spicy Lassi – Salt and spices infused lassi was just perfect in terms of everything. A really refreshing drink is definitely not to be missed here.





Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream – The pie was freshly prepared and was fluffy & moist. Served with vanilla ice cream on side, it added extra flavor and a balance of cold with little warm apple pie.



Finally I would happily rate this place a 4.5/5 for the amazing food varities, taste, authenticity of dishes, quick staff service, and ambience.






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