Maison Des Desserts

Maison De Desserts is a small patisserie based in the by lanes of the Hauz Khas Village (Delhi). This quaint little outlet is situated away from the hustle of the really busy main market in the lane right next to the entry of the Hauz Khas Fort. A perfect place to enjoy great breakfast options or just a cup of coffee, one can always enjoy personal time in this peaceful little café.



Ham & Cheese Omlette – A really fluffy and cheese omlette with ham was a perfect preparation. The butter and two crispy toasts completed the meal in plate.



BLT Sandwich – Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes sandwich was pretty average and not much impressive with a slightly bland taste and dry bread.





Pavlova – A meringue based cake with a crispy crust and topped with whipped cream and seasonal fruits was one of the best during this meal. A very light on taste buds & stomach cake is a perfect delight for desserts’ lovers and highly recommended.



Red Velvet – The one served here had a huge variation from the classic red velvet as it consisted a frosting of white chocolate ganache instead of cream cheese, which also made it a little dry and somewhat different in taste. The cake was served a little warm (probably because of freshly baked), whereas I have always preferred it to be cold. An average and confusing experience with this one.



Chocolate Mousse – The mousse was yet another delight in our meal with perfect chocolate flavor and sweetness levels in check. With a really light and airy texture the chocolate mousse is a must here.



Snicker Muffin – A really moist and perfectly soft muffin is another must try dessert here. Topped with whipped chocolate and snicker, this is not to be missed.



Banana and Chocolate French Toast – A heavenly variation to the classic ‘French Toast’ with generous toppings of banana and chocolate syrup was just amazing. The bread toast was fluffy & soft and the toast was further garnished with sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.




Lemon Iced Tea – A nicely lime flavored and perfectly sweetened, the ice tea was refreshing and complimented the whole meal really well.



Finally I would happily rate this place a 4/5 for the freshly prepared food items, varieties, humble staff service, location and cut the remaining for issues with few food items and being on a slightly expensive end.




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