Experience the vibrant Rajasthani cuisine at “KAMA”


RAJASTHANI FOOD FESTIVAL (15th July – 31st July)


Kama restaurant is situated on the ground level of the Radisson Blu Hotel (Kaushambi) right next to the main entrance. A favorite among many, this restaurant hosts several food festivals to celebrate the regional delicacies of India. Who doesn’t love good food & service and this place leaves no stone unturned with the best of everything they offer.

Recently I learnt that Kama is hosting a ‘Rajasthani Food Festival’ and myself hailing from the Rajasthani background I couldn’t resist trying it over a Sunday Brunch. As the theme was Rajasthani Cuisine, I was prepared for some really vibrant flavors from the basic Indian spices. Rajasthani cooking in general has its own unique flavor where the simplest and the most basic of ingredients go into the preparation of delicious dishes.




Maas Ka Sule – ‘Barbequed Spiced Lamb’ was perfectly marinated with hot and tangy spices and then further roasted to perfection. The result was a lip smacking bite every time from the very succulent meat. Simple yet beautifully presented with onions on top, this is definitely not to be missed here.



Dhaniya Murgh Tikka – Coriander marinated chicken skewers were just perfect in every way. Probably one of the best ones I’ve ever tried, these were served on skewer with onions and mint chutney.



Paneer Jaisalmeri Tikka – Beautifully served over a live mini grill, the ‘Grilled Cottage Cheese’ was a perfect delight to our meal. Marinated with amazing spices, the super tender and flavor rich paneer tikka has to be a must.




Rajasthani Sampler – The Rajasthani Sampler literally gives the taste of the favorite snacks of the state. Consisting of samosa, kachori and pakora with mint and chilli chutneys, this platter should be a must to try here!





Laal Maas – A regional delicacy and one of the most famous dishes from the state of Rajasthan. It was already on my must-have list before I even visiting here and I didn’t waste any time to order it for mains before anything else. The recipe of it is simple yet it requires an expert to prepare a good laal maas. Basically it is lamb cooked in curd and spices with major proportion of red chilies, which also gives it the color and name ‘laal’ meaning ‘red’. The one served here was an original and full of flavors with not even a slightest negative aspect about it. A must have!



Murgh Ka Soweta – Another famous dish that is also popularly known as ‘makki (corn) ka soweta’, is a fusion of chicken with corn cooked along with curd and spices. The one served here had great flavors with perfect proportions of all the ingredients and was presented with a sundried red chilly on top.



Mix Vegetable Jaipuri – A haven for the veg lovers, this dish is made with usual mix of different seasonal vegetables. However the difference in ‘Mix Vegetable Jaipuri’ is in the gravy, which usually consists of cream with authentic Rajasthani spices. This helps in boosting the flavors and creaminess of the gravy. The one served here was again a perfect example of the way this is supposed to be prepared and full marks to the chef in leaving no stone unturned in preparation of this.



Dal Baati Churma With Dry Fruit – There are few dishes that define the whole Rajasthani cuisine and ‘Dal Baati Churma’ is one such dish. The one served here was again a perfect delight to our taste buds and literally took my palate to my home kitchen where my mom has been cooking this for me since childhood. Basically it is a platter of dal (lentils), baati (hard wheat balls) and churma (crushed ground wheat) and one is supposed to have all three in a single bite. I’m sure many readers must have already tried this before but trust me when I say that this place served me the best ever I had tasted. A must have!



Kabuli Jodhpuri Pulao – Kabuli Pulao layered rice is a blend of spice and sweetness, crunchy nuts a top a mix of rice and vegetables. It has cooking style of Dum Biryani and colorful, rich & royal are some of the adjectives that describe this dish. The one I had had all the important aspects of the authentic Kabuli pulao and was the perfect compliment to the amazing gravies we were already savoring upon.





Malai Ghewar – One of my favorite desserts of all time was just perfect in every way all the ingredients worked just right. With sweetness levels in check and topped with yummy rabri and dry fruits, this is a must here.




Finally I would happily rate this place a 5/5 for the food, authenticity of flavours, varieties, taste, staff service and ambience. I would further insist on experiencing this on your own ASAP as the festival lasts until this July month only.




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