A Legacy named ‘United Westends’

United Westends is a legacy restaurant situated in the ‘Central Market’ of Punjabi Bagh (Delhi). Approximately 15-16 years old, this place is spread across 2 floors with beautiful interiors and comfortable seating. After hearing a lot of positive reviews about this place, I didn’t miss the opportunity of dining here recently.



Dahi Ke Kebab – Possibly one of the best ‘Dahi ke Kebabs’ I have ever had. Crisp fried to perfection and topped with curd and sweet red chutney, these had set up really high expectations for the rest of the food. A must try!



Hara Bhara Kebab – Hara Bhara Kebab was another delight to our meal with perfectly spiced and flavored kebabs. Topped with sweet red chutney and a cashew, it shows that how much effort this place puts in not only taste but presentation as well.



Chatpata Murgh Tikka – Really succulent pieces of perfectly grilled chicken were just perfect in every bite. The spicy marination was amazing and elevated the taste and flavors of this dish to next levels.



Murgh Malai Tikka – A similar dish to chicken tikka but the marination is slightly different with use of cream. The chicken was perfectly grilled again and served with onions & green chutney.



Kungpow Chicken – A similar dish to chilly chicken, the chicken chunks were really crispy and served with cashews and nuts on top for the extra crunch. The gravy was nicely spiced and flavored taste. A must try.



Assorted Veg Platter – Consisting of generous quantities of chicken tikka, mushroom tikka, seekh kebab and stuffed potatoes, the veg platter was a delight to aour meal. All the items on the platter were nicely marinated and served beautifully over the barbeque grill itself. If you can’t decide with your starters, this is the option you should definitely go for.



Kanastari Murgh – Basically chicken korma with amazing spices and flavors was a perfect delight for our mains meal. Served in a very basic yet nice looking steel box, this is a dish not to be missed.



Matki Dal – Also as we know it, Dal Makhani was as perfect as it could be. Very rich in flavors and most importantly, generous use of ‘cream and butter’ made this a great decision for us.




Italian Smooch – A really refreshing and tasty mocktail prepared with lemon chunks, brown sugar, ginger ale and cola. The taste and sweetness levels were in check and the drink in itself was really beautiful.



LIIT – A classic favorite with perfect balance of tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec topped with fresh lime juice and cola perfectly complimented the food on our table. Presented beautifully in a cork glass, this is a must here.



Peach Smoothie – Nicely peach fruit flavored smoothie was a perfect virgin drink option in our meal. Perfectly sweet, nicely flavored and a thick base makes this a must try.





Chikki Kulfi – Frozen milk rabri topped with peanut chikki mash is a must have here. A favorite of many didn’t disappoint us at all with creamy rabri, perfect sweetness and beautiful presentation.



Kala Jamun with Rabri – Finally the star of our whole meal was this ‘Jumbo Gulab Jamun’ served with rabri. Freshly prepared and of the size of a medium sized bowl, this gulab jamun can easily serve up to 2-3 people and the rabri complimented its taste even further.




Finally I would hapilly rate this amazing place a really nice 4.5/5 for the amazing food varities, taste, staff service, and ambience and the cut the remaining for being on a slightly expensive end.




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