Ardor is based on the outer circle of Connaught Place (Delhi) right opposite Scindia House building and is spread across 2 levels with fine dining on the below one and lounge area on the above. As we my group was looking for quite private time, we preferred to have our meal in a much calm fine dining area. Specializing in multiple cuisines, the huge interior looks similar to a luxurious Mughlai restaurant and offers very spacious seating options. This place had been on my list for the longest time and recently I had a chance to visit here on a Sunday brunch with few of my friends.


Following was my food journey here –



Dragon Chicken – Fried crispy chicken topped with sweet and spicy sauce was a very impressive starter in terms of taste, flavor and quantity. Also because we starter our meal with beers, nothing could have complimented our drinks more than the Dragon Chicken.



Veg Salt & Pepper – Cornflour batter coated variety of vegetables like mushrooms, cauliflower, and baby corns amongst others are fried to perfection until crispy. These were further served over a bowl shaped crunchy papad to add to its presentation and extra crispiness. A really good option yet again!



Murg Gajab ka Seena – Imagine your favorite Afghani Chicken is further stuffed with minced chicken & nuts and roasted to perfection. It doesn’t even sound but tastes amazing too, with all the flavors busting out with every bite. Presented with side salad of cucumber, I was little disappointed with the presentation as it lacked the original soul of a Mughlai dish. My recommendation is to serve it with only onions and green chutney with a dash of some cream over the top of chicken. Still post the presentation issue I’m still very impressed with this preparation and would highly recommend it.



Kacche Kele Rajma ki Tikki – The idea behind this dish was to prepare something similar to galouti kebabs but it was kind of lost in the dryness of the tikkis and because of that its spices were hitting in throat. Presentation was good but the only negative factor proved to be too negative for me to recommend this dish.



Tandoori Phool – Or as we can call it ‘Gobhi ke Pakoras’. This was nothing different from any gram flour batter fried cauliflowers and I wouldn’t want to pay anything for a dish in a restaurant that I can easily get prepared at home. Anyways do try it if you are a fan of it because the chef has actually done a good job otherwise.



Grilled Sole Fish – Sole fish grilled to perfection with very light flavored lemon butter sauce was a delight to try. Served with other grilled vegetables like carrots, asparagus, beans, potatoes and corn this was a fulfilling hearty dish. A must have!



Dal Makhani – My all time favorite Dal Makhani was another delight in this meal and was perfectly cooked with generous use of cream and butter. This particular dish never disappoints me and Ardor made sure to maintain it that way.



Rara Mutton – Perfectly cooked lamb pieces in balanced gravy with perfect spicy levels is another must have here. The well-cooked mutton was so tender that it was easily slipping off the bones and was flavored just right.



Ardor Special Paneer Makhani – A vegetarian variation of the butter chicken had cottage cheese balls spiced nicely and prepared in amazing rich and creamy gravy. The final touch was the cream sprinkled over it to give a beautiful texture. A must have again!



Nasi Gorang – An Indonesian version of biryani I suppose came in as a surprise with beautiful presentation and amazing flavors. It’s basically a preparation of fried rice stirred with prawns and soy sauce. Topped with a fried egg, this dish is not to be missed here.





Oreo Shake – Perfectly sweetened shake topped with an Oreo cookie was really nice but the major disappointment came from the less thickness of it.



Ferrero Shake – I tried another shake to make sure it doesn’t have same mistake as the oreo one, but comparatively this was little thicker and perfectly sweetened.



Beer – Enough said!




Chocolate Brownie – This was nicely prepared with really rich chocolate flavors but was on the drier side. With perfect sweetness levels and nice rich chocolate taste, I believe chef should have paired it with an ice cream to balance out the moisture issue.



Gulab Jamun – My all time favorite didn’t disappoint me and had balanced sweetness with perfect warm sugar syrup. Topped with chopped dry fruits, this is not to be missed.



Kulfi – One of the simplest desserts ever, nothing can ever go wrong with a kulfi and the one I tried here was again a perfect one. Must try!




Finally I would happily rate Ardor a 4/5 for the amazing food varieties & taste, staff service, ambience and cut remaining few for few serious issues with the dishes and drinks.



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