The Grills King

The Grills King is a barbeque and buffet concept restaurant located at the ground level of the popular MGF Metropolitan Mall on the MG Road Gurgaon. This restaurant is easy to locate at the far end of the mall with distinctive branding and while mentioning about the brand I would also state that the management has been really worked hard to make sure this place actually proves to be the ‘King’ amongst other similar concept restaurants. The interiors of the place are done up really well with modern furniture & spacious seating, with properly placed bar, buffet section and the live pasta counter.


Following is my food journey here –



Potato Salsa – My all time favorite item on every buffet menu couldn’t get better with perfect salsa marinated crispy potatoes topped with crunchy onion.



Hing Matter ke Kebab – Crushed peas perfectly seasoned with amazing spices and then fried until crispy. This was another amazing dish served and it was further complimented with the tangy chat masala sprinkled over it.



Brazilian Kings Pineapple – This was the slices of juicy pineapple marinated and grilled with some really amazing spices. Recently after trying at many restaurants, I have started liking this one particular dish amongst others and this completely stood up to the reputation of a perfect one.



Mutton Boti Kebab – Mutton Boti Kebab was the perfect definition of the amazingly spiced and tender mutton chunks. Further sautéed in a gravy type mix and served with raw onions atop added extra flavor and bite to the already perfect dish.



Lehsuni Roasted Chicken Wings – Chicken wings marinated with garlic and roasted to perfection was another good dish, but personally I wasn’t much impressed with it as it lacked the amount of spiciness and extra flavors.



Chicken Dimsums – The dimsums were impressive for the tender and flavorful chicken filling and also perfectly warm outside.



Dal Makhani – Though I had a little appetite on this visit but nothing can stop me from trying my favorite dal makhani. The one served here was thick and had generous amount of butter and cream added. For me it was just perfect.



Murgh Biryani – Another favorite chicken biryani was again a must and it was just a proper balance of flavors, spices and perfectly cooked rice & chicken. This would have been a perfect biryani, but I found it to be on a slightly dry side.




Gulabi Kheer – The basic all time favorite kheer was given a special touch with a flavor of rose. Not only the texture looked beautiful in presentation, the flavor & fragrance itself are worth appreciating. Topped with chopped dry fruits this is a must.



Moong Dal ka Halwa – Another personal favorite was none less than any other with perfect levels of sweetness, flavors and the most important element – lots of desi ghee. A must have!



Strawberry Pastry and Black Forest Pastry – I found the pastries to be very basic and were loosing the required moisture content they were supposed to have.




Butterscotch Tart – The butterscotch tart was again a nice dessert with fresh and nice butterscotch flavored cream on top over a crispy tart base.



Bread and Butter Pudding – If you are not a fan of too much sweetness in your food then this is for you. This is a really simple preparation of soft & tender warm bread prepared in butter and lots of dry fruits with very light sweetness level.




Finally I would happily rate this place a really nice 4.5/5 for exceeding my expectations from other similar outlets with great service, F&B taste and options, ambience and pocket friendly prices; whereas deduct remaining for few small observations in food that I have tried better at other places.





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