Chug It !

Chug It is located across the whole 2nd floor at the main golf course road of Punjabi Bagh area and one can quite frankly guess that it doesn’t enjoy either an easy competition here. With amazing alternatives already available in the area, the competition has been a lot rough for it but somehow this place has been able to deliver good business. The main USP of this place has been the quality, variety and taste of the food served here with some amazing drinks to go along. Though the place has been done up really nice, there are few things that make you feel the place has been little old. Still properly managed with a gig stage and a big bar right in the middle.


My experience here was somewhat like this.



Chilly Chicken – One of my personal favorites, Chilly Chicken was perfect in terms of taste, flavor, spiciness and quantity. I was really happy to actually order this starter and it did stood up to my expectations for a perfect one. A must have!



Peri Peri Chicken Skewers – The skewers were nicely marinated and further grilled to perfection. The touch of peri peri sauce on top gave it a great kick in terms of flavor and spiciness. Served with lettuce & cherry tomato salad with nice dip, this dish was really good.



Dahi ke Kebab – The only dish that disappointed me during this meal was my ever-favorite ‘Dahi ke Kebabs’, as the chef had actually tried to sauté them instead of deep fry as they are supposed to be. The manager later explained the concept of making it healthy by not frying it, but the whole concept of the perfect dish was kind of lost as the whole kebab kept falling apart.



Chicken Platter – The platters usually come in handy when you can’t decide what to order and after lot of debate with my friend, so did we settle with one. The platter consisted of ‘chicken wings’, ‘chicken tikka’ and ‘drums of heaven’. Where the chicken wings and chicken tikka had amazingly marinated chicken, the taste of drums of heaven was somewhat odd and it seemed dry.



Chicken Khurchan – A very similar dish to kadhai chicken sauté in amazing spices with different vegetables like onions, tomatoes and capsicum and garnished with ginger. A perfect dish for mains is a must have and goes really well with Indian breads.



Dal Makhani – A nicely prepared dal with generous amount of butter and cream is always a must have for the mains. The one served here didn’t disappoint us either and I was really impressed with the taste.



BBQ Chicken Tikka Burger – A huge burger with generous use of lots of veggies and cheese with an amazingly succulent chicken patty was surely a delight. Served with potato wedges and salad on side, this is a must try here.




Michelada – A beer and tequila based ‘beer cocktail’ had a very strong kick in every sip, only because of use of lots of spices and chilly tobacco sauce. This drink is HOT and really hard to resist when started drinking.



Oreo Shake & Brownie Shake (separate) – The shakes were thick with perfect sweetness levels and generous quantity. Chilled to perfection, every sip was refreshing.



Beers – Enough said!



Brownie Ice Cream – Probably one of the biggest brownies I have ever noticed served in a dessert. Though it was little on the dry side but the moisture and sweetness from the vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup kept everything in perfect check.




Finally I would happily rate this place a 4/5 for the amazing food, taste, quantity, staff service and cut remaining for the few flaws with the dishes.



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