Tea Trails (CP, Delhi)

Tea Trails is located on the outer circle of Connaught Place (Delhi) in the Scindia House building right opposite the Junkyard Café. This place specializes in different types of teas from across the world. The usage of tea can be seen in almost all the in house preparations including the food. Not to forget the presentation of the brewed teas is simply fantastic with a brewing jar, cup, biscuit and a sand glass timer served in a tray with the instructions of completing the brewing process. The interiors are modern and pretty well done up with bright shades and spacious seating. Just like the amazing tea options, the food is equally impressive. Being personally catered by the manager himself, he made sure all the items are served on the table in a proper manner and sequence to ensure the perfect experience.



Maska Gulkand Bun – The Bombay special bun maska with amazing sweet gulkand butter was amazingly soft, fresh and served as a perfect quick bite to our teas.



Olives and Green Tea Bruschetta – Personally a bruschetta fan, I was really impressed with the one served here. Topped with tomato, capsicum, olives and lots of cheese and baked to perfection; this was a dish that couldn’t go wrong. The bruschetta further also had green tea toppings to add further flavor to it.



Mumbai Masala Sandwich – Another Bombay specialty served was the Mumbai Masala Sandwich, which was basically boiled potatoes and green chutney stuffed inside the grilled bread. Though everything was fine but the green chutney somehow had an odd taste to it and was kind of bland as well.



Egg Kejriwal – An all time favorite dish named after Mr. DP Kejriwal is somehow picking up popularity really fast and I must I am a fan of this dish since the day I tried it first time. It’s basically a butter-heated bun crusted with fried egg and cheese. A must try here!



Burmese Tea Salad – Though not really salads guy myself, I wasn’t much interested in trying this one. But definitely very impressed when I did. The salad had the perfect ceaser dressing infused in fresh crunchy lettuce and topped with moong dal namkeen. Try it to believe how that little sprinkle of just the dal namkeen adds an amazing twist to the whole salad.



Samosa Thauk – This was basically a samosa crushed and topped with nice spicy Burmese gravy. The fusion of both was really nice and serves a good quantity for a single person.



Vada Pav – A classic favorite didn’t disappoint either with properly sized big buns and the vada filling inside it. The masala served with it gave extra kick in taste, but the issue again was the same green chutney served with an odd taste.



Onion Pakoda – Who doesn’t love onion pakodas? The ones served here are definitely not to be missed as they were perfectly spiced and fried to perfection with amazing crunch on the outside.



Smoked Chicken Sandwich – A little on the sweeter side, the chicken was perfectly cooked with nice use of sauces inside. Served with potato wedges on the side, this is a must for all the chicken sandwich lovers.



Hariyali Chicken Wrap – A spicy and tangy chicken, roasted in green mint sauce was another delight to our meal and the roll had a good generous filling. Further served with potato wedges, it was a really nice preparation.



Three Cheese Risotto – A really nice preparation, with the overloaded cheeses used in preparing risotto is not to be missed in your mains. Served with gravy on the sides, the risotto is presented beautifully topped with tealeaves. A must try here!




Silver Needle White Tea – A really light tea brewed to perfection had a little fruity & sweet flavor and was a great start to our ‘Tea’ journey.



Kashmir Green Tea Kahwa – A personal all time favorite couldn’t be any better with great aroma from spices mixed with green tea and almonds.



Darjeeling Tea – A classic favorite of many was another delightful experience with nicely brewed and amazingly flavored tea.



Kuladh Chai – A desi favorite and everyday tea was another perfect example of amazing varieties served here. Perfectly sweetened and flavorful tea is must.



Bubble Tea (Lychee/Mango) – My time experience of this tea is fantastic and this has to be my preference every time. It’s basically a flavored ice tea with same flavored bubbles on the bottle that burst open on your tongue when sipped through straw, adding extra punch to the already amazing tea.



Cranberry Ice Tea – This had a mild cranberry flavor with sweetness levels in check. A really nice refreshing drink.





Choco Chip Muffin – A nicely presented chocolate chip muffin was really soft and had great chocolate flavor with sweetness level in check. The only issue with this was that it was little dry from the inside and was falling apart while cutting it. The best solution to this would be to add some chocolate syrup inside to make it a wholesome dessert that also holds the entire muffin.



Finally I would happily rate this place a 4.5/5 for the amazing teas, food, flavours, dedication towards overall idea, staff service and whole ambience; and would be cutting remaining points for few small issues with green chutney, muffin dryness and being on a little expensive side.


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  1. ggstratton says:

    This all looks so good….especially the cheese risotto. 😊🍴


    1. Thanks !! Yes.. the risotto was amazing.. and so was almost everything I tried here 🙂


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