Sakley’s – The Mountain Cafe

Sakley’s is located on the 2nd floor in the main M Block market of Greater Kailash in Delhi. With beautiful done up interiors with mountain style theme, the ambience is a delight to look at. This probably is one of the most romantic places if anything else in Delhi NCR and raises the expectation bar way high as soon you step in. With beautiful raw wooden furniture type setup and candle lit tables, it shows the management’s commitment in leaving no stone unturned to ensure the whole experience of your visit is sublime.

After hearing a lot about this place and finally visiting here for the first time, I didn’t waste any time further to order our meal.



Ferndale feta and pear salad with arugula, fresh mountain greens and house special citrus vinaigrette – With such a lengthy description of the salad I was little confused and all I could focus upon was Feta cheese and Pear salad with some greens. But somehow everything seemed to work together perfectly right after the very first bite. The freshness in the bowl was impeccable and the in-house special vinaigrette binded all the ingredients perfectly. Not to forget the presentation of the salad itself is worth mentioning in a beautiful flower formation topped with cherry tomatoes.





Autumn leaves grilled cottage cheese steak sizzler in pesto sauce with spinach and baked cheese potatoes on the side – Trust me when I say that not only the description, but the dish itself was equally mouth watering and delicious. A perfect combination of beautifully cooked ingredients made this dish probably the best sizzler I have ever had in my life. Again the presentation wasn’t left behind either with nicely placed and beautiful looking items on the platter.







Vanilla Panna Cotta and Mango Mousse – This classic Italian dessert is basically made with thickened vanilla flavored sweet cream and was topped with a layer of mango mousse. The sweetness levels were in check and the flavors worked pretty well each other. A small yet delightful dessert is a must for that little dessert cravings in the end of your meal.



Finally I would happily rate this place an almost perfect 4.5/5 for the amazing food varieties, presentation, ambience, polite staff service and my willingness to visit this place again. Slightly on a little expensive side, this place is still worth visiting many times or for some special occasions.



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