Not so ‘Farzi’ Cafe !

Farzi Café is located at the ground level of Cyber Hub right next to Made in Punjab; it’s very easy to locate the outlet. With the brand synonymous to creativity and perfection, one can always expect to be impressed with every order. After dining here many times, this place has certainly been amongst my favorites. Be it food or drinks, this place will never leave you disappointed.



Mishti Doi Shots – An amazing amuse bouche is Farzi speciality made up of sweet curd that burst open when put in mouth. A really impressive preparation ensures to prepare you from the upcoming meal and the great experience one is about to witness.



Dal Chawal Arancini – Every restaurant nowadays experiments with the varieties of arancini in starter menu, and the most staple food of every household in India ‘Dal Chawal’ is used to prepare this at Farzi. Topped with rolled papads and nicely spiced Dal Chawal Arancini balls are a must to try. Believe me this dish is so famous that people like me actually come for the whole meal just for this starter 😀



Karela Calamari – Well who knew a karela can also be on a menu of any restaurant, but if its Farzi then anything is possible. This dish was very well done with really crispy and flavourful preparation.



Duck Samosas – A well-prepared infusion of duck meat inside all time favorite samosas was again a delightful dish and had perfectly cooked meat and samosas marinated in sweet sauce. Tasted equally amazing as they looked.



Vada Pav Farzified – A classic favorite street food of many wasn’t much experimented on and I was really happy because this is definitely one of the few dishes I wouldn’t have liked if anything had changed. Four vada pavs were beautifully presented on a platter formation with amazingly tasting chutney, green chilly and bhujia namkeen.



Masala Paneer Tarts – Masala Paneer Bhurji was served in a tart preparation, topped with a pickled onion and a crisp. This bite size starter was a delight to look at and even the taste kept the deserved reputation of it. A must try!



Chicken Changezi Quesadilla – A changezi style spiced up chicken filled between two small round sheets of chapatis like a sandwich was the Farzi’s take on Mughlai cuisine. Presented in a quesadilla form, the chicken was perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection.



Pav Bhaji – Before mentioning anything about the taste of this dish, I would describe a little about its presentation. Specifically with presentation here I mean that the pav breads were served in a miniature truck with bhaji on side in a bowl, which shows the restaurant’s commitment in making sure their dishes are equally appealing as they taste. The bhaji again was perfectly spiced and cooked with really soft and decent quantity of pavs.




Herbed Paneer tikka with gravy – This was another beautifully presented dish with paneer tikkas topped with micro greens on top and placed in between the serving bowl. The server then poured in sweet and thick gravy to make it a gravy dish and to be eaten with breads. Anyways taste wise I wasn’t much impressed with this dish because of the taste of real hero of the dish paneer tikka was kind of lost among gravy and its toppings.




Mutton Illaichi with Malabari Parantha – Served in a simple yet beautiful presentation, the dish was just perfect in every manner. Really tender and amazingly flavoured mutton worked out really well with the crispy malabari paranthas.



Chicken Tikka Masala – A classic favorite of everyone was able to keep its reputation with nicely cooked gravy and chargrilled chicken chunks. The chicken was really tender and scrumptious, further cooked nicely in rich flavoured gravy. A must have!





Apple Foamitini – An in-house speciality of Farzi was my first drink of the meal and being my favourite here it can never disappoint me. Basically it’s a vodka based drink with a sweet apple flavor and infused with thick creamy foam. A must try!



Chuski Margarita – An actual ice chuski inside the margarita glass was again an innovative in-house preparation and a must try. A great refreshing drink for the summers.



Daaru Wale Fruits – Yet another creative preparation of amazing cocktail with nicely sliced fruits placed inside the drink, flavoring the drink perfectly and again topped with foam to give it a final presentable touch. This nicely prepared drink is a must!



Jager Bomb and Absinthe shots – Names are enough to share any description on these 😀






Parle G Cheesecake – Cheesecake placed between two Parle G biscuits, served over sweet condensed milk and topped with crushed pistachios. This dessert literally takes you back to your childhood and is definitely a must try. I might visit here just to have this dessert again and again.



Milky Way Galaxy – A beautifully presented huge platter of this dessert is a delight to look at but somehow doesn’t impress much with some really odd flavours of bites served with it. This basically is a platter of small bites of different flavours like chocolate, orange, vanilla among others served over sweet condensed milk. The flavours are really confusing and this didn’t impress me much. Order it for the presentation and pictures only 😉



Finally I would happily rate this place a nice 4.5/5for the food varieties, drinks, innovation, presentation, ambience, amazing staff service and impeccable overall experience while cutting few points on messing up few dishes and being on a little expensive side.



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  1. Abhishek Manroa says:

    I have been really disappointed by this place, have visited the place a couple of times as its right next to office. The major pros I found was the ambiance (the artificial grass and hedges inside) and of course the way the food was served.

    But the major turnoff for me was the size of the portions: really meagre portions, especially for the amount that they charge. I went with a couple of friends and we ended up spending almost 2k per head yet walked out with my stomach half empty !


    1. Hey Abhishek!! I completely understand your concern and would partially agree with you too. That’s also the major reason I didn’t gave it full points. Well the innovation with the quality, taste & presentation of the food and the investment in the ambience of the place makes your bill expensive. Basically their concept is to impress, not satisfy.
      And anyways if you need a real deal, you can always visit Made in Punjab (same owner) right next to Farzi..

      Find my review on ‘Made in Punjab’ it right here –



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