Gazebo – Punjabi Bagh (Delhi)

Gazebo is located on the main club road of the Punjabi Bagh. Amongst the huge hustle bustle of the already crowded area with many cafes and restaurants, this place has made a significant name amongst others. This place serves some really interesting and lip smacking starter options to go well along your drinks amongst really good tasting North Indian varieties for the mains.



Beijing Chilly Chicken Dry – A nicely cooked with capsicum, onion and decent sauce was a must to order. But somehow if not better, this still wasn’t much different from the others I have tried before.



Potato Mozzarella Finger – This was little different from other cheese fingers I have tried before and included mashed potato filling with the cheese. Though somewhat odd but this worked out pretty well in the end. Served with mayo dip, this starter is a must to try.




Haryali Chicken – This is a variety of chicken tikka marinated with mint and coriander paste. Cooked to perfection, the chicken was really tender and well spiced.




Thyme Chicken – This dish was basically deep-fried and the chicken was wrapped in a roll sheet. A really crispy and messy dish was nicely presented and was great in taste.




Corn Fitter – These were crispy but somehow didn’t impress much with the bland taste of the filling, though the outer crust was crunchy and worked well with the mayo dip. Before ordering, just ask your server to ensure that chef includes some extra seasoning in the filling and you’ll definitely have a great starter.





Butter Chicken – A nicely cooked chicken chunks in a really creamy and buttery gravy, was a delight and a must try for the mains.



Shahi Korma – Really nicely prepared gravy was again a compliment for the already well deserving meal. The korma was nicely cooked with great spices and flavours and worked out amazing with tandoori bread/naan and even boiled rice.




Rum Mojito – My all time favorite drink was on the menu and I couldn’t even think about any other during my whole meal. Perfectly balanced and really refreshing drink was repeated many times during lunch.



Finally, I would happily rate this place a good 4 on a scale of 5 for the great food options, varieties, ambience, music, cost, competitiveness among others and overall experience while cutting few points for the scope of betterment in the staff and service segments.



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