‘Made in Punjab’ – Loved by all!!

Made in Punjab is located on the ground level of Cyber Hub (Gurugram) next to Farzi Café. Brainchild of one of the most renowned restaurateurs Zoravar Kalra, I was very confident that no stone would be left unturned to ensure that food will be the best of taste & quality if nothing else. Serving North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, the chef makes sure that food is delicious as well as beautifully presented. To my great luck we were a big group and were able to try many dishes and drinks from the amazing menu.



Paneer Barrel Tikka – More like an Afghani Paneer where paneer sheet is marinated in cream and rolled while stuffed with cheesy pickles and then further tandoor roasted. This is probably one of the best starters for the veg lovers as the paneer was very tender, well marinated and amazingly succulent. A must try for all.



Legacy Tandoori Champ – This was probably one of the best lamb ribs I have ever tasted in my life. Served with green mint chutney the lamb ribs were nicely marinated in special ghotna spice mix and further cooked to perfection. The result was amazingly tender and super tasty preparation that you might end up ordering again. I’m definitely going back for this. MUST TRY!



Chicken Tikka – This is a mandatory dish, which probably every Mughlai chef is supposed to know. Small chunks of chicken are marinated with a special in house laal masala and skewered until cooked to perfection. Every bite of this makes you realize how tender and perfectly spiced tikkas they are.



Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka – Another amazing paneer starter prepared by marinating cottage cheese with ‘Bhatti’ spices and further roasted in tandoor. The all time favorite dish of all doesn’t fail to impress at all and again is a must try for all.



Gabbar Prawns – Honestly I don’t prefer eating prawns but still gave it a try just by looking how amazingly cooked and beautifully they were presented. These were marinated with chilli yoghurt and then tandoor roasted to perfectly golden brown. Highly recommended by my fellow companions, do try this dish if you like prawns.



Lol Tikki – This starter is my new personal favorite and I have never tried something like this before with so much of efforts going in preparing this simple looking yet very complex dish. Imagine a long cooked lamb minced and filled inside crispy warm patty and further topped with tomato gravy and a mint leaf on top. Every bite of this takes your palate to next level and even the health conscious ones can end up hogging on this deep fried dish. A MUST TRY and thank me later dish 😉




Luxury B.C. (Butter Chicken) – The word ‘luxury’ in the name is for a reason. This is just not a normal butter chicken, rather a one where chef actually tried to give it a royal finish by adding silver varq/coating over it with dry fruits and extra cream. Personally a fan of classic butter chicken, this was little different and heavy but I’m sure this dish is in the menu to ‘impress’; else why would you want to further luxurify an already luxurious dish 😀



Nalli Hardcore – Basically a nalli nihari, with amazingly tender and perfectly cooked lamb with gravy. Just looking at this all time favorite dish would make you hungry. Just have this with a tandoori roti and be super happy. As simple as that 😀



Gucchi Biryani – Another not so simple preparation had the amazing aroma and great taste from the perfectly chosen spices and really expensive gucchi mushroom. This particular variety of luxury mushroom is grown in only few habitable regions for it and cost you somewhere in range of 15k-45k/kg. Honestly biryani was nicely cooked, but somehow I didn’t like the luxury mushroom much.



Dal Makhani – A classic favorite Dal Makhani was rich in cream and flavours and a perfect companion to other dishes. It anyways goes without saying that you have to order a ‘dal’ dish with your food.





Many drinks here are worth trying; specifically my favorite Classic Mojito, Nasheeli Chai and in-house special LIT called ‘Jugni Nashe Wali’. Prepared with great creativity and amazing presentation, do not hesitate to order your drink because there are anyways high chances of ordering something you might come here for again.








Dates Rasmalai – Rasmalai is one of my favorite desserts and this one specific was more special because of crushed dates stuffed into it and further served dipped in rabri with lots of crushed dates again. With perfect sweetness levels, I believe the description is more than enough to understand how amazing this dessert was.




Nukkad Jalebi – Crispy warm jalebis are served beautifully in a margarita glass already half full of amazing rabri. This all time favorite of possibly everyone is a must have. You can thank me later 😉




Finally I would highly recommend this place for the amazing taste, presentation, impeccable service and cost. This definitely has to be my new favorite place to have Mughlai cuisine.



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