Rajouri Garden (Delhi) gets own “JUNKYARD CAFE”

So one of the most happening places of Delhi NCR is finally spreading its branches to many other locations, with the very second one recently opening in one of the most favorable destinations – Rajouri Garden. Junkyard Café is not new to anyone and it has just given the luxury of not travelling all the way to Connaught Place for the West Delhi residents. Although unlike the CP outlet, this one is relatively smaller in space but for that matter is also spread across 2 floors right above the Garam Dharam Dhaba in the BK Dutt market. The menu also is somewhat similar and being a part of the bloggers table, I had an opportunity to try their many dishes.



Junkyard Special Paneer Tikka – The very first dish on the table was my favourite of the day. Amazingly succulent huge pieces of Paneer (Cottage Cheese) were heartedly marinated in amazing spices & sauces and then grilled to perfection. The final result was great looking dish with amazing taste, which was further served with mint chutney and onions. A must try!!




Dimsums (Bok Choy & Mushroom and Basa with Water Chestnut) – Somehow I only tried veg dimsum options but the ones I did very definitely up to mark of any favorites. Where ‘Bok Choy & Mushroom’ had the perfect mix of crunch and gooey, the ‘Basa with Water Chestnut’ anyways being my favorite had amazing crunch in every bite. Personally a water chestnut dishes fan, I was more than happy with the preparation of the latter.



Stir Fry Lotus Root and Water Chestnut – Somehow I took some time for this dish to realize what exactly it was until I asked the server; of course I was trying this for the first time ever. Lotus root and water chestnuts being the main hero of the dish were stir fried until very crispy, and then further honey and sesame seeds were added to finish the dish. The outcome was a really crunchy and beautifully presented dish, but the only down side was that it was way too dry. Try asking your server before hand to make sure your dish has the right amount of moist as well.




Murg Malai Tikka – I was really impressed by the amazing tikkas this place served, as the chicken tikka was again marinated & grilled to perfection. The chicken pieces were also sized nicely allowing them to cook inside out properly and the final outcome was an amazingly flavored and juicy chicken pieces. This was further served with two different chutneys with onion.




Lamb Seekh Kebab – Lamb is always a difficult ingredient to play with in any type of preparation and I personally believe a chef can cook anything if he/she knows how to perfect this one thing. As per my observation, the kebabs had perfect levels of spices but little dry when you eat, which kind of hits you in throat. Again a perfect ‘Lamb Seekh’ is a matter of luck 😀




Tandoori Mushroom – Another preparation from the grill was ‘Tandoori Mushroom’. Again a perfectly grilled to perfection, the mushrooms were perfectly sized and offered in good quantity. Presentation again being similar as others with chutney and onions. A must try for all veg lovers.



Chicken Shish Taouk – I’m always curious to try middle-eastern cuisine whenever on menu. Bored with ordering Falafel and Hummus every time, I preferred trying Chicken Shish Taouk. ‘Shish’ basically meaning ‘skewer’ in English and is similarly prepared by further grilling it and serving over pita bread with onions and tomatoes. The chicken specifically in this dish was little overcooked, which gave it a burnt smell and hard & really chewy chunks. Frankly I wasn’t much impressed with this dish because of this major flaw.



Falafel with Hummus – Of course I couldn’t resist biting into my friend’s order 😀 The dish was nicely presented on a wooden board with falafel, hummus, pita breads and pickled salad. I found falafel a little on the harder side but the fresh hummus was the hero of the whole dish and worked as a perfect binding agent for all the items.



Shredded Lamb Hunan Style – Lamb cooked in famous Chinese style of Hunan cuisine came in as a surprise with perfectly prepared gravy. This particular dish is great for hot food lovers like me, as the Hunan cuisine is usually known for being really hot with liberal use of chilly peppers and garlic. Served in good quantity with boiled rice, this dish should be must for all Chinese cuisines lovers.



Chicken Thai Red Curry – One of my all time favorite Pan Asian dish was again worth complimenting here. Though surprisingly the spices were little strong and hitting in throat, the hearty use of coconut somehow tried really hard in balancing it out. Served in good quantity with chicken chunks and boiled rice, this again is a dish worth trying – given the fact you ask your server to make sure the chef doesn’t use too strong spices.



Thai Spice Chicken Pizza – A very simple and no frills pizza topped with just good quantity of cheese and chicken chunks prepared in Thai seasoning over a thin crust. This made the pizza light on our stomach and a great side order to compliment our drinks.




Bourbon Wreckage Fluid – Ingredients like orange juice, corn juice and cinnamon with ‘Bourbon Whiskey’ were somewhat interesting and I really wanted to try how this fusion would turn out in a cocktail. To my surprise this was perhaps one of the best whiskey cocktails I have ever tried and I would highly recommend this. Have it yourself to believe it.



English Central Monitor – A ‘Gin’ based cocktail with orange marmalade, cinnamon and orange bitters was as tasty as its description. Topped with a lemon slice this drink is amazingly refreshing for this season and works pretty well with almost any food choices on your table.



Edison Bulb (Vodka Base) – Another really refreshing drink comes with ingredients like watermelon and lime juice with ‘Vodka’. A must try cocktail not only tastes better but is also presented beautifully inside a bulb. An in house specialty is a must to try and make sure you have your cameras out when this comes on the table.



Beer – Enough said!! 😀



Finally, I would conclude my review on a good note for the amazing food & drinks options, ambience, price and cut points for few noteworthy flaws in food and a little sluggish staff service. I’m sure with time this new place will overcome their drawbacks and wish them good luck!!



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