“Indian Accent” – India’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant

Indian Accent is based on the ground level of ‘The Manor’ hotel in the New Friends Colony area of Delhi. After winning numerous awards including prestigious ‘The Best Indian Restaurant’ & among ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants’, this place has earned a top spot in the culinary world. One doesn’t just come to eat here; people come for the whole experience of dining at the elite of all. With a huge waiting reservation list it’s always suggested to book your table a couple of weeks beforehand. Don’t even think about walking in, as its very likely that you might return disappointed. I personally feel proud to mention that somehow due to great luck, got a reservation just 2 days before my dinner here.


Offering Indian cuisine the food here celebrates regional dishes from across the country and presents them in unique ways, playing with flavor combinations and the textures to cater to the modern generation of food lovers. If confused over what to order, just go for their food-tasting menu with optional wines menu and let chef decide the best for you. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


Being accompanied with a friend I was able to try few extra mind-blowing dishes and below is my experience –




Sweet corn Shorba – Served as the ‘Amuse-bouche’, this amazing corn soup prepares you for the meal in the best possible manner and prepares your taste buds & minds just the way chef wants to.



Blue Cheese Naan – Served complimentary, this is probably the best cheese naan I had ever tried in my life. Slightly warm and stuffed with hefty amount of cheese oozing out, this definitely creates great standards for your already anticipated high expectations of what is to come further.




Burratta Papdi Chaat, Tamatar Chutney – So our first starter dish for the meal was this amazing papdi chaat topped with a perfectly sweet and tangy tomato chutney. Further topped with mint chutney and flower petals, it was presented in the most delightful way possible.



Baked Paneer Pinwheel, Indian Coriander Pesto – These were thick sheets of cottage cheese (paneer) with freshly prepared and amazingly tasting coriander pesto marinated over it and further rolled in a pinwheel formation. This was then baked to perfection and presented beautifully with flower petals atop.



Indian Accent Kulfi Sorbet – The kulfi sorbet was offered complimentary as a palate cleanser and prepare our taste buds for the main course. Presentation again wasn’t compromised even in this and the kulfi was served in a tiny pressure cooker.



Tempered Ricotta Vada, Pao Bhaji, Kafir Lime Butter Pao ‘Chowpatty in a bowl’ – The first main course dish for the night was Pao Bhaji and of course we were dining at Indian Accent, so it had its own twist to it with a crunchy chowpatty chaat bowl placed between the bhaji to give a wholesome Mumbaiya experience in a single dish. Served with freshly prepared mini kafir lime and butter paos. Just a heads up before you order this, bhaji is actually served in good quantity in a huge bowl and you can always order extra complimentary paos.



Dal Moradabadi – A classic favorite preparation of Dal Moradabadi can never be ignored if on menu. The one served here was topped with raw coriander and diced tomatoes with crispy ‘Dal Moth’ namkeen/snack over it and was amazing in terms of taste, flavor and the originality it had of the original dish.



Jodhpuri Churchur Parantha & Fresh Pesto – Nothing compliments the Dal Moradabadi more than a freshly prepared churchur parantha, which was an amazing preparation of traditional lachcha parantha further crushed and served with fresh pesto on side.



Tasting of Papads of India – This is a must try side to your meal oferring 4-5 different varities of crispy papads served with 6 different even more amazing dips. Trust me this is a must to orders for sides and compliments your meal even more. Thank me later 😉





Mojito (White Rum, Lime, Mint) – My all time favorite rum based drink was on the menu and I had to order it. Not to any surprise I finished my whole meal with repetitions of this same drink.



Sula Brut Sparkling Wine – Pls do not hate me, but personally not a wine fan I just had couple of sips from my friend’s glasses over different dishes and somehow found it to perfectly compliment your food in a perfect way.






Daulat Ki Chaat, Fresh Tandoori Figs – An Old Delhi classic dessert is a must to have and a delight to look at. An ultimate Indian version of soufflé is topped with chopped dry fruits and baked figs. The amazing creamy froth just melts in your with the dry fruits and figs helping with the chewy part. This is beautifully presented over a dried leaf and Rs.100 notes (of course fake) stacked aside.




Walnut Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream scoop – A simple yet creative presentation of a slice of chocolate brownie topped with vanilla scoop was again a great decision to end our meal for the night. The brownie was amazingly soft, perfectly sweet and nicely chocolate flavored and the vanilla ice cream proved as an all time perfect companion to it.



Finally I would rate this perfect place a perfect ‘5’ for the amazing ambience, super alert & well trained staff, food flavours & taste, perfectly complimenting drinks and the overall experience of the dinner. There is actually nothing where I can even possible look for any excuse to cut any marks for this restaurant. No doubt the Master Chef Manish Mehrotra has delivered a Master Class restaurant.


Cheers !!


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