“Mamagoto” is in Town

So finally Mamagoto has a proper dine-in restaurant in my home town of NOIDA and I can’t be happier. Though it had a delivery outlet here before but I always missed the luxury of eating freshly prepared food at the outlet itself. This outlet is located on the 3rd floor of the newly started DLF Mall of India and is right opposite the Carl’s Jr. One can always locate this very easily by the huge sumo wrestler posters put on the front glass of the restaurant. This place might not be huge but leaves no stone unturned to ensure that seating is spacious and comfortable. As I was invited here during the tasting and trials week, I had the opportunity to try many dishes.



Som Tam Salad – The raw papaya salad with tangy Thai dressing was perfect in term of freshness and flavors. Only 1 observation was that the papaya cuttings were quite long to fit in your mouth in a single go, else taste wise it was just perfect and the peanuts in it brought an extra crunch to it.



Water Chestnut Spring Roll – Somehow I’m really fond of water chestnuts in dumplings and tried them in spring rolls for the first time. They worked perfect with other veggies and corn in the filling. A decent quantity of six pieces is served in a bowl with chilly black bean jam and I recommend this highly among starters for your meal.




Hot Basil Chicken Cups – A beautifully presented dish with small chicken chunks with amazingly marinated pepper & chilly are served over a cup shaped lettuce. The taste was just bang on and every bite is a burst of spicy flavored chicken, which is further complimented by the chilly, and tangy sauce accompanied with it.



Thai Crispy Vegetables – I have always been a fan of quick bites and never miss Thai Crispy Vegetables ever when dining at an Asian cuisine restaurant. The ones I had here were almost similar to other places I’ve had before but the taste and presentation was perfect and I was also impressed by the diverse variety of vegetables used.



Traditional Peking Dumpling (Veg) – If you go to an Asian cuisine restaurant, then dumplings are a must. The traditional peking dumplings are a must for all the vegetarians. These were amazingly soft steamed vegetable dumplings, which were further, dipped in soy and chilly sauce that added an amazing flavor to it.



Street Style Spicy Dumpling (Non-Veg) – Being a non-vegetarian myself I have an added advantage of trying many options from the menu and so I chose to try their basic street style spicy chicken dumplings. The minced chicken was steamed perfectly and was further topped by red chilly cuts and chinese vinegar sauce to give it an amazing presentation and a boost to its flavors.



Java Grilled Fish in Red Hot Sambal Salsa – Before mentioning anything about this I want to mention that this dish is for some serious seafood lovers, and by that I mean it has the fishy smell when served at your table. Anyways moving on the whole concept behind preparing this dish is that this is supposed to be hot and that is why the fish is first marinated with red chillies & garlic paste and then grilled inside a banana leaf to ensure that the chilly flavor is preserved inside. The whole portion is very tender with amazing spicy flavors and is served with a portion of sticky rice. This is a must for people with big appetite and a love for seafood.




Chefs After Work Veg Bowl (Live Teppanyaki Grill) – This part was fun as I had the opportunity to experience this preparation on the live Teppanyaki grill. Staple vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, capsicum and onions are prepared to perfection in a mix of teriyaki and Japanese barbeque sauce and served with similarly prepared fettuccini style noodles. The final result was two bowls with beautifully presented dish with amazing blend of flavors and taste. Would love to try the other options in my next visits and so should you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !







Cranberry and Kaffir Lime Punch – Cranberry is my favorite ingredient in any kind of cocktail or a mocktail and this caught my attention right away. The cranberry juice is mixed with kaffir lime leaves and lime wedges and poured over lots of ice cubes to give you a beautiful looking amazing lime punch drink.



Cucumber Mint Mix – This amazing mocktail is prepared by crushing cucumber with mint leaves and further adding soda and lemonade. I believe the description is enough for me to convince you that this ultimate refreshing drink is a must. Try it to believe me 😉



Watermelon Beach – An ultra refreshing drink prepared with watermelons and lime & mint was amazing and had all the sweetness levels in check.



Kiwi and Mint Collins – Not really a kiwi fan, I shared this drink with my friend and must admit that I was in love with this right away. The added mint and soda in this mocktail kept the sweetness of kiwis just perfect and we had a great tasting drink.





Homemade “American Style” (Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake with warm Toffee sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream) – This dessert was a whole package of awesomeness and before I say anything about it just know that I’m going to type ‘must have’ in the end 😀 .. The Caramel sponge cake was really soft, fluffy & good, and when warm toffee sauce was added it was great. Finally add the vanilla ice-cream served with it with every bite and you have the perfect mix to make your dessert ‘AWESOME’.




Banoffee Pie – This undoubtedly was the best banoffee pie I have ever had in my whole life. The whipped cream with caramel and banana was amazingly fresh and all the sweetness levels were in control. Do not miss this if your appetite is also huge like mine. 😀



Finally on a scale of ‘5’ I would happily rate this place an amazing ‘4.5’ for its amazing food, super amazing mocktails, awesome desserts, great service, nice ambience and good prices. A must visit place for all the Asian/Chinese/Thai cuisine lovers.


Cheers !!


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