I found my “NICHE”

“Niche” is a new gem in the already hustle bustle area of Connaught Place in Delhi (India). Located in the M block on the outer circle, this super swanky place is situated on the 2nd floor. Further it enjoys luxury of two beautiful balcony setups with one facing the outer circle with a beautiful view of the Barakhamba road skyline and the other being a much calmer, beautiful and private setup. The inside has been beautifully designed with modern & lavish interiors and plush & comfortable seating. Be it diverse seating options, a beautiful bar setup, a properly placed stage or the amazing ambience, its really impressive to see how the Niche management has been successful in offering a perfect package for its customers; and I still haven’t mentioned anything about the food yet. Not to miss is the beautiful glass roof just above the stage area adds up to all the impressive lengths they have gone to leave no stone unturned.

The food served at Niche is equally impressive in terms of taste as it is in presentation. Presentation for instance will be a word I’ll be repeatedly mentioning again and again in this review 😀




Watermelon Salad – An interesting mix of watermelon with feta mousse worked perfectly and the outcome was a great tasting salad.



Beet and Goat Cheese Salad – A beautifully presented salad was a mix of some unusual ingredients and somehow the strong taste of beets overpowered the whole salad.



Duck Salad – Again a beautiful served dish but peers didn’t work that well with amazingly cooked and tasting duck.




Pappu Chicken – This has to be definitely one of my favourites from this meal. Beautifully presentation with flowers atop and equally amazing tasting tender chicken is a must have.



Veg Kathal Tacos – Highly recommended appetizer is served in a quantity of 2 with salsa and sour cream. Tacos had an amazing filling of perfectly spiced and moist kathal and is a must have here.



Hari Saag – A simple yet innovative dish, presented beautifully was a great surprise and a must try mains dish. This is usually accompanied with butter naans and is a perfect meal with a good quantity.



Lamb Shank – Lamb is prepared in amazingly tasting rogan josh gravy and the taste is spot on and this dish is a must try. Only ask the server to get the lamb prepared a little more and get it super tender. Still a must try dish.



Conflit Halibut – This was a fish based dish served the veggies and great tasting gravy in a beautiful presentation yet again. Though the smell of fish was little on the stronger side but the gravy complimented it perfectly.




62 Degree Chicken Breast – I have always been a fan of chicken breast and the chef at Niche made sure in ensuring that I don’t change my mind. A beautiful presentation again with nicely prepared tender chicken breasts and veggies to go along was a perfect burst of different flavours on palate.



Spinach and Corn Fettuccini – This was again a pretty decent mix of different ingredients with a great outcome. With a good visible amount of spinach and corn, fettuccini was really creamy, full of flavours and perfectly prepared.



Mushroom Risotto – This might not be equally good looking or tempting dish as others I tried but worked really well on my palate. The risotto had an ample amount of mushroom and cheese cooked perfectly.






Bird in the Hand – The trend of preparing beautiful food in the kitchen also spreads across to the bar, which prepares some really amazing and beautifully presented cocktails. This for instance is a vodka-based signature cocktail with a perfect punch of all the ingredients in it. It’s beautifully served in a tube bottle placed between crushed ice in a bowl and further garnished with some colourful and fresh flowers. I mean WOW!!


Dillinger – An amazing vodka-based cocktail with dill infusion served in a beautiful glass over crushed ice. To give it a final touch bay leaves are added on top and then you have a great tasting drink. A must try for all the vodka lovers.




Chef’s Special Dessert of the Day – A cheesecake based dessert with different flavours of sorbet and an ice cream scoop was the perfect end to our meal. The plate itself looks like a work of art and you might just end up clicking lots and lots of pictures of it. The serve plate looked beautiful and tempting. With soft cake to many flavours, this is a must have. Full marks to the chef for this perfect masterpiece.



Final Verdict

One can always notice the levels this place goes to not only prepare tasty but also great looking food and drinks with their focus to have their customers a fulfilling experience when they walk out. Finally I would highly recommend this place for the amazing food presentation, good taste, great ambience, diverse seating options, helpful and attentive staff and cut few points only for this place being on a little expensive end when you are already in CP with hundreds of alternate options to choose from.




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