There had been quite a buzz since past few months for this purely vegetarian restaurant, at least for the vegetarians ๐Ÿ˜‰ . This place is based inside the hog market in Rajinder Place and is only about 5 mins walk if travelling by Metro else anyways there is enough parking space provided in front to park considerate number of cars if travelling in your own vehicle. This place is themed around a train which makes it very easy to locate once in the vicinity and the theme extends inside the restaurants as well with a beautiful setup similar to train compartments. I was really impressed with the efforts that management has put into making this place. The food here is pocket friendly and usually served in a simple presentation.




Gol Gappa – Personally I prefer ‘Suji’ gol gappas but this place only serves the atta ones, so I tried only a piece just for the sake of having it. Anyways the variety and taste of the waters served with it was perfect.



Veg Kebabs – These were great in spices but a little on the dry side. Anyways the chutney offered with it covers all and you wouldn’t be disappointed.



Chinese Bhel – This has to be one of my favourites for the fact its amazingly spicy and tangy. Its called ‘Chinese’ because the noodles are first fried and then prepared in a similar way as bhel puri.



Dahi Gol Gappa Chat – Nicely presented on a miniature of a giant wheel. The gol gappas are perfectly filled with the fillings of potato, sweet chutney and lots of dahi. Again being atta gol gappas I wasn’t really curious on having more than one. Just one observation that if these are served as suji gol gappas then they will be able to hold on the moist fillings inside for much longer because many of these started falling off after a while.



Honey Chilli Potato – The taste was similar to having these at some Chinese van. A nice dish for all the Chinese food lovers.



Overloaded Pizza – I really liked this one for the fact that it did complimented its name and actually was overloaded with cheese, veggies and paneer. Similar to homemade pizza or the one we get in street food markets, it maintains the consistency of the street food cuisine.



Dosa Imly Way – This was just a normal tasting dish which was presented beautifully. The dosa is cut into pieces and served a rolls topped with cheese. For me dosa is one of some dishes that are not to be messed with and only few places can prepare the best. So this was justย ok for me.



Vada Pav – A nicely presented vada pav with the perfect taste is a must try for quick bites. Served with mint chutney and green chilly, this definitely adds ups to your street food experience.



Idli – Freshly prepared idlis were soft and moist, the way they are supposed to be. But again the very normal tasting sambar kinda ruined the whole experience.



Cheese Pizza – South Indian food experience was actually not really good for me here and this just added up to that further. As previously said few things aren’t supposed to be messed with, the pizza toppings didn’t really work that well on a dosa base. This might sound interesting to many but didn’t work well for me.



Pav Bhaji – How can street food experience be complete without pav bhaji. The butter buns were soft and bhaji tasted great. Just that regret ordering the one with cheese, as it somehow was overpowering the taste of bhaji. Anyways an innovative dish which many would like, a many from my group did ๐Ÿ˜‰



Chhole Bhature – Again a must for a street food menu, this dish was perfect and taste of chhole was bang on with the nicely cooked bhatures.



Paneer Tikka – The paneer pieces were cooked to perfection with onion on top and mint chutney to go along. A must try for all paneer lovers.




Jalebi with Rabri – What can go wrong with warm jalebis and cold rabri along with it. I really loved the simple presentation with amazing taste of this dessert.



Rasmalai Tiramisu – This was AMAZING, and when I say amazing believe me I couldn’t stop myself from eating this and would love to have it at my every visit. Try it urself to believe me. A must have !!




Imlycious Guava Merry – In one word, this drink was WOW !! It was prepared with fresh guava with spices in it and the rock salt at the glass edges just made it a perfect drink in every sip. Do try it and beware many would find it spicy.



Mango Banta Shikanji – Served inside a banta bottle, the mango flavour with tangy taste makes this drink a must have.



Finally I would highly recommend this place for the ambience, alert staff, pocket friendly prices and might just cut few points for messing up original flavours of few of my favourites. Anyways a great place to be and a must visit for me again for sure.

Cheers !!


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    Omg! That’s such a vast review. Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

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