“Bollywood Bistro” now showing @ Punjabi Bagh

Bollywood Biistro was recently opened in one of the most favourable locations at the main club road of Punjabi Bagh. As the name suggests this place is themed around bollywood and you can witness many framed posters of the famous bollywood movies, dialogues and characters. Further this place is situated on the ground level floor and offers a spacious ambience which is thoughtfully executed with a separate area for family dining to cater maximum needs of the visitors. I had the chance to hog onto their tasting menu for a foodies meet.


1. Soya Chaap Tandoori – This is a must try dish which was among the best I tried. It had this perfect mix of amazing spices marinated over the soya chaaps which were cooked perfectly and further served beautifully hanging on skewers with onions and mint chutney.



2. Murg Malai Tikka – My all time favourite never fails to disappoint me and this place made sure it persists because the chicken chunks were perfectly marinated, were juicy and cooked just right. Further the presentation was similar to soya cheap tandoori and served with onions and mint chutney again.



3. Fish Amritsari – A perfectly marinated and cooked to perfection dish with a really tender inside is a must to try here though this can prove to be on a little heavy side because of the quantity its served on a big plate. Don’t hesitate to order if you are more than 2 people 🙂



4. Rahra Meat Quesidea – The only preparation I was disappointed with was minced meat inside ‘parantha pockets’. Meat filling was just ok but the parantha pockets spoiled the whole experience. I mean I would have been more happy if they just called this keema parantha.



5. Crispy Classic Mayo Chicken – A must must and again must try dish here. Chicken is fried until its crispy and further topped with spicy cheese and mayo sauce. A perfect delicacy and I’m sure even readers would definitely be drooling over this dish just by reading this simple yet mouth watering dish’s description.



6. Hummus & Pita – An all time favourite of Lebanese cuisine lovers was just ok and failed to impress me much as this lacked the presentation and variety on my plate. A simple addition of some pickled veggies would have been enough to make the plate look way more better and give the eater a side option to have with hummus & pita. Anyways taste wise it was ok but nothing special.



7. Veg Pizza – A very average preparation and very much similar to basic pizza we cook at home. That’s all for this.



8. Loaded Cheese Fries (veg) – 10/10 for the cheese and that’s all I care about. My followers must have noticed over time that if something has lots of cheese in it, then I’m bound to like it. Ohh and there were potato fries under lots of cheese. Enough said 😉



9. Super Nachos (chicken) – Nachos was a blend of many toppings including lots of chicken chunks, which got my taste buds little confused about what am I supposed to taste but I’m sure veg ones must be really good (sadly didn’t try those). These were served beautifully over a wooden board topped with cheese and mayo & salsa dips.



10. Veg Burger – A decent crispy patty with lettuce and pickles tucked inside fresh soft buns was a good experience and was served with fries, veggies and ketchup on the sides.




1. Mojito (Rum Based) – If you have this drink on the menu, it would be the only thing I would care about. Undoubtedly my favourite drink; undoubtedly easily available on all bar menus. Had a couple of these and really liked the lime juice punch in every sip to freshen up your soul no matter what you’ve been upto.



2. Cosmopolitan – Not a big fan of cosmo and only had few sips but I’m sure the bar man did a great job for the ones who like this, as I could see majority enjoying it 🙂



3. Pineapple Sunshine – A virgin drink presented beautifully and had a great flavour of pineapple, but the only downside was the sweetness of it. Good thing – this can be easily controlled (LOL).



4. Caribbean Sea – Another great flavoured pineapple based virgin drink with the punch of the lime juice to freshen up your mood and taste buds. Again sweetness levels to be checked.



Finally I would conclude this review on a positive note by giving Bollywood Biistro a good ‘4’ out of ‘5’ rating for the ambience, quick & quality service, decent food and the efforts they are upto within such a short time after its inception. A few tweaks here and there and this place might prove to be a gem among others. Finally ask your barman to check sweetness levels in your drinks when you order.

Cheers !!

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