A gem in popular Khan Market – “SodaBottleOpenerWala”

“SodaBottleOpenerWala” is located in the inner lane of Khan Market right opposite to the BoomBox Cafe. As soon you enter the restaurant you are warmly greeted by the friendly staff and the elegant Parsi ambience. Just in case people don’t realise the theme; the place has many photos, old Bombay cafe charm, interior setup and even videos playing on television to make you familiar to the Parsi culture and the restaurant’s vision in this case. Just step in once to realise my claim of how this place attracts you again and again; trust I still haven’t started writing about the food yet 😉

The menu itself is interesting and you would want to try almost every dish on it; apparently I have been doing same by ordering different items every time I visit here. Anyways I will be sharing my experience on the most recent visit.

Bun Maska Jam – This is one starter that I try every time regardless of various options because it gives that original start to your meal to relive the memories as if you are sitting in a Bombay cafe. The buns are super soft & fresh with a good amount of butter and jam in-between to give proper taste and flavours of all the ingredients.



Breach Candy Awesome Okra – I was really impressed with this dish and the presentation. The crispy okras are placed in a pyramid shaped presentation over the bed of a spicy and tangy masala curry. Usually they suggest you to have this with a bun but one can also enjoy it directly as the okras and curry are good enough to be eaten together without anything else. Strongly recommend this dish to all the veggie lovers.


Vegetable Berry Pulao – A favourite of this place recommended by many food lovers, critics and likewise is a must to try and it never fails to disappoint any kind of taste buds. Be it smell, taste or presentation, this dish definitely takes the standards to different levels. The fragrant rice is served in different levels with the centre one having gravy to balance the dryness of the rice and is topped with fried onions, nuts and berries. I’m sure I needn’t explain this further to convince you to try this. Just have it and thank me 🙂



Parsi Mutton Masala Roast with Bombay Pav (served separately) – I couldn’t thank the server more for suggesting me this dish for the day’s non-veg option in our lunch. A perfectly roasted tender mutton cooked in an amazingly tasting masala curry was just the right dish I wanted to complete my mains and was really impressed with the fact of how the chef prepares the curries for different dishes and connect all the ingredients so well that one can’t stop appreciating. This was beautifully served with onions, lime, chilly and soft Bombay pav.



Tomato Cheese Macaroni – The legacy of this old classic dish was definitely kept alive at this place. The macaroni, vegetables and cheese were perfectly blended together with amazing taste binding spices and it tasted as amazing as it looked. The only thing I did wrong this day was to have it with other more flavoured and spiced dishes like Okra and Lamb which sort of overpowered the taste of macaroni.


Masala Pepsi – This mocktail option is for all the confused souls who can’t decide what to drink with their food. The tangy masala cola which also happens to be one of the Parsi favourites somehow compliments with every dish and is a must try for all.


Finally I would conclude my review with a very confident recommendation of this restaurant for the amazing ambience, hospitality, staff knowledge, menu options, food, drinks, cost and almost everything one can think of. Just can’t think of any reason to cut any points here and encourage all the readers to try this place. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and will thank me later 😉

Cheers !!

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